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Testimonials Heron Dawson & Sawyer - Printers & Patent Draughtsman Clerkenwell London EC1

"Heron Dawson and Sawyer have for many years produced trademark/ patent drawings and other materials for BP. The drawings are always of high quality and HDS has frequently proved that they are able to work reliably to very tight deadlines. Their staff are always willing to assist with unusual requests. They are up to date on all the latest computer programs and we have found them especially helpful in relation to non-traditional marks, such as colour and 3-D trade mark images.

On one occasion Tom Heron assisted us by travelling to Belfast and appearing in court as an expert witness on a colour trade mark case.

I have had no hesitation in recommending HDS to any of my contacts and have frequently done so over the years."

Bob Boad
B.P. trademarks department

I have known Tom Heron since I came down to London from Manchester as a trainee patent agent. We both worked for the Heron Rogers firm (the name was just a coincidence) in Bridge House at Blackfriars. I retained my close working relationship with Tom all through my career including my years as a partner in Haseltine Lake.

Tom went on to setup his own firm M.B.& T Heron and later formed the partnership Heron Dawson & Sawyer. Throughout my working life Tom prepared patent drawings and trade marks for me at each of my positions. He is an excellent draughtsman and often understood the patent drawings better than I did. On the occasions I was given articles that required patent drawings I passed them on to Tom and told him what we had to cover. A day or so later Tom would deliver excellent draft drawings to enable me to prepare a patent appliction.

On one occasion I gave him a trade mark featuring a milk maid with a yoke carrying two pails of milk. When I gave it to him the milk maid was smiling; on her return she looked decidedly unhappy! Tom’s excuse was the milk was getting heavy and she was looking for another job. We had an excellent working relationship that continued with all the staff of Heron Dawson and Sawyer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending HDS. However, if you have a smiling milk maid just ask Tom to pass it to one of his staff who are all extremely talented.

Chris Leadbeater
Haseltine Lake. trademarks department