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Trade Marks


Largest patent draghtsman in London, trademarks 3D images, computer retouching.

With the progress in different filing practices and new technology, we have kept in close contact with the Patent Office over the past few years and are able to supply:-

Drawings and photographs for 3D marks. Computer retouch photographs to remove all non-trademark matter before filing.

We can work from your clients electronic files to amend and produce colour or black and white prints for filing. We run both IBM and MAC platforms and have the ability to open files and use most programs.

We can scan a variety of originals from packaging to sweet wrappers, computer retouching, removing creases, reflections and unwanted text etc. before printing (See sample trademarks on this page).

With the advances in digital photography and digital colour printing we can photograph articles and copy documents in colour or black and white for use in trademark opposition cases. Our work has been used in several high profile cases recently with partners of the firm standing as expert witnesses.

It should be pointed out we still prepare all the ordinary requirements for filing: i.e. drawings, camera ready copies, printing blocks and prints in black and white or colour.

We would be pleased to discuss with you any requirements that we have not mentioned above. We are the largest patent draughtsman in London


We thank Unilever PLC for the use of these Trade Marks.