Business Network Bureau

Business Network Bureau

Head Office, Enquiries and Stationery Division
30-36 Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4TA
London GB
Tel +44 (0)20 7833 2795/6
Fax +44 (0)20 7278 9899

Pre Press & Reprographics


windows-apple.gifThe reprographics departments are equipped with the latest computer systems on the market today in both IBM and Apple Mac platforms. We have the ability to produce a wide variety of output formats. We have our own in-house imagesetters and offer the service of out-putting final films and bromides ready for 4 colour litho printing, either from disk supplied or from our own artwork facilities. This service is available to clients wishing to use our printing service or to those who wish us to produce films and bromides on a bureau basis.

We have been operating computer to plate systems (CTP) at our head office site for the past 3-years and recently installed CTP into our commercial plant. CTP enables printing plates to be produced without the use of films or negatives, thus cutting costs to the client. Other advantages of CTP is that the repro-department has become a fully-digital work flow with press calibrated inkjet proofs for 4 colour process work and 4 colour laser proofs for general litho print.

All print artworks produced by us or the client are supplied with 4 colour proofs or short run digital copies as standard prior to printing. This enables the client to finalise jobs before an expensive print run is commenced.

The departments also have high resolution Linotype Scanners that can handle any form of original from 35mm negatives to A3 flat artworks. We are able to scan direct to disk or we can insert images into the client's documents. If you require web pictures, we can produce these quite easily at very low cost.

Design and artwork is another service that the department offers. We have the ability to design and produce artworks from simple business cards to multi-page colour brochures, booklets, newsletters and magazines. We can also supply clients with the necessary graphics and pictures if they want to incorporate them into their website.

Plant List

• Pre-pressVector_TX52.jpg PDF Workflow

• Apple-Mac work stations x12

• IBM work stations x10

• CTP (Computer To Plate) System x2

• Vector TX52 digital plate maker

• Epson Inkjet Proofer x2

• Linotype scanners x3

• Digital colour proofing x2

• Nova-jet poster printers x2

• Design and artwork facilities