Business Network Bureau

Business Network Bureau

Head Office, Enquiries and Stationery Division
30-36 Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4TA
London GB
Tel +44 (0)20 7833 2795/6
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Largest patent draughtsman in Clerkenwell London, EC1 Patent drawings, 3D drawing and Designs.

We have a dedicated team of patent draughtsmen that have specialised in preparing patent drawings and formals for world wide filing for over 45 years Heron Dawson & Sawyer are proud of the reputation it has built up over this time.

Our team is at your service to prepare patent drawings from roughs, mock-ups or electronic files (CAD). For any country you require, each country is bagged separately with a copy for your agent and will comply with the requirements for that country: for example,

  • with or without wording for non English speaking countries,
  • removing references for Arabic countries,
  • reduce drawings and adjust margins as required.

With the growing use of computers and 3d drawing packages if it looks like the originals have been produced on a computer we will try to obtain an electronic copy from you before commencing with drawings. Our operators are able to use most 2D and 3D programs.

If you have reasonably good patent drawings that can be filmed or amended to bring them up to the required standards before filing or if you have your own in-house patent draughtsman why not take advantage of our formal printing and photographic departments to assist them or to help you with urgent filing programs. If you have any special requirements we would be pleased to discuss them with you. We are the largest patent draughtsman in London.