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Designs and Photography


We are an associate member of ITMA

The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys is the professional body representing those qualified to act for the owners of trade mark and other intellectual property rights - in particular, registered designs - both nationally and internationally. It now represents the vast majority of UK registered trade mark attorneys and all UK trade mark and design litigators.)

Our team of patent draughtsmen and photographers can work from your clients articles, mock-ups, working drawings, electronic files or CAD drawings files and prepare formal drawings and photos for all around the world.

In some cases it will be cheaper to prepare digital photographs for filing, again this can be done conventionally or digitally.

The advantage of digital photographs is that before preparing formals we can amend them by removing unwanted wording, logos or other matter that is not required (rather than crossing through with a pen) making it look a more professional job.

We keep up to date with the requirements for overseas filing and supply the required formals in separate bags with a file copy for your agent.

If you are unable to release models to us or don't have enough information, our draughtsmen can visit your office to take photos and discuss your requirements with prior arrangement.